29 July 2005

Pre-Edinburgh Comedy

I had the pleasure of seeing 5 different comedians over the last few nights at the Riverside theatre in Hammersmith. These are "practice" sessions for their Edinburgh gigs. Both Russell Howard and Colin & Fergus put on a good show, and I think we'll hear more of Russell. Chris Addison was also on - following his Perrier-short-listed gig last year - with his musings on science (and lots of other topics along the way) in a show called Atomicity. Highly recommended.

But my real favourite was undoubtedly Richard Herring. If you are a devout Catholic, a fan of Rudyard Kipling, deeply care for monkeys, and have a yoghurt dependency, you may wish to avoid this show. But I found it truly laugh-out-loud. For me, that's unusual! I mention Richard's site also because he's been one a long-time embracer of the internet. His "warming up" section is in fact a blog which he has updated daily for, I think, several years (and is available RSS)

If you're not easily offended, then catch him at Edinburgh!


Davy James said...

Man, Richard Herring is a hero. Catholics may not enjoy. You're right. Hahaha, I remember all the anti god stuff on "This Morning With Richard Not Judy".

Somebody said it was the most inappropriately scheduled program of all time... it was on sunday mornings.

Cloudland Blue Quartet said...

Herring is excellent - listened again this morning to his "Christ on a Bike" show from a couple of years back - brilliant. I go to see him every year at the Fringe and this year we've got tix for the first show - can't wait