03 February 2006

Britain into battle in the 21st Century...

I enjoyed this story from the Times of our latest feat of military extravagance, er, I mean, engineering. A brief quote from the official PR for HMS Daring:
Mess decks are replaced by individual cabins, each with their own I-pod (sic) charging points, CD player, internet access, five channel recreational audio and larger berths.
What's with this naming scheme? HMS Duncan? It will be HMS Trevor next!
But back to where I'm really focusing on, as commented on by DailyTech:
Over the 25 year development of the Type 45 destroyer, people won't remember that the $726M USD (actually DailyTech, according to my calcs it's not $726m - it's more like $1,750m) warship has the most advanced surface to air missile system in the world capable of tracking and destroying a grapefruit from 200 miles, or that the Type 45 is the first new warship design for the UK Navy in 40 years. What people will remember is that the Type 45 is the first iPod enabled warship.

It actually sounds to me that in fact they've just put a power outlet in each crewmember's cabin, and the inclusion of the word "iPod" is just so the story will be picked up by lots of media outlets and gullible bloggers (!) who otherwise wouldn't care a hoot. But if not, I have the following questions:

1. What type of iPods are supported?
2. When Apple changes the dock connector/charging system, will this vessel require an extensive/expensive refit and be recalled from duty, thus losing us the war?
3. Who will crew members sue when their hearing is damaged - not from munitions of course - but from playing their government-sanctioned mp3 player too loud?
4. Why would you want to blow up a grapefruit from 200 miles?

Makes me proud to be British when I can rejoice in the superlative hi-tech skills of our designers (or should that be MOD PR?).

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