23 March 2006

Back in action!

You might have been wondering (I won't use the word "caring") if I'd dropped off the blogosphere.

In fact, I've have been away for a couple of weeks on holiday on another cycling adventure. It was a fascinating and wonderful experience and I will post a few more entries about that over the course of the next week or so as I catch up (and process the photos from my new camera).

Clearly, while I was away the world of technology moves on. From a remote internet cafe I had seen about the delay to the Sony PlayStation 3 (worst-kept rumour), which has obvious repercussions in the game console market but may also affect the Bluray/HD-DVD war. I also saw on the plane back about the Vista delay which seems to be the biggest news at least for financial analysts. Perhaps the real curve ball though is the French decision on DRM. I hope to cover some of these in more detail over the coming days. Is there anything else of significance that I missed?

I'd hoped to post an entry en-route, but time and facilities made it a little difficult.

Finally, to encourage a little interactivity here, can anyone make a guess where I've been (I'll need more than just country)? Contest open only to those who didn't know of course, and "prize" will be limited to me giving a detailed personal answer to the winner on anything related to my destination/trip (wow!). Your first clue is "coconuts". The next clue will appear in my next post.

Nice to be back though!

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