12 July 2006

Human Powered Vehicle Achievement

I came across this article from Velovision magazine about a recent new record in Human Powered Vehicle distance. 49 year old "Fast" Freddy Markham rode 85.991km in one hour! There is also a link in the article (saving you the trouble, here it is) to the blog postings of Rob English - flying the flag for UK in more than just name - who also rode in the event and achieved second place with 80.203km (on a borrowed bike a few days after landing in Arizona!). It is worth reading his entries for both the Friday and Sunday of the event at the very least to get an idea of what's involved.

I recently hit about 33mph for an extended period on the flat, but only with an enormous tailwind behind me. Usually, I'm pretty happy to be riding at 18mph, and more usually on around 15-16mph. OK, my bike isn't designed for that type of performance, but I know for sure that it's my body that accounts for the biggest difference!

Great story, and great achievements of everyone involved - especially Fast Freddy!

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