22 August 2006

Fantastic Fun

I've been meaning to post this up for a few weeks, but it's taken a while to process the video.

I mentioned earlier this year about my sprint car exploits.

I had a chance to re-visit the same track in early August and have another go. It was a lot more successful, though I have really a massive amount to go to catch up the real drivers.

I thought you might be interested in the video taken by the on-board camera. I used to think this was amazing when we saw it with Formula 1 races in the 80's, and it seems really hi-tech to have this (even though it's neither expensive or difficult any more). The video is of my first timed lap - a very disappointing 71 seconds or so. I got this down to the 67+s mark later, but unfortunately, you'll just have to take my word for that (the battery/tape ran out). I've put it on the Movies page on my website for now which also includes a few more details on what is REALLY achievable. It's also on my iPod, of course.

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