04 March 2007

A wonderful sight

It's often the case that we miss good astronomical events in the UK due to weather. But not last night!

This was the first time I can remember seeing a complete lunar eclipse, and indeed it was a lovely sight - by naked eye, with binoculars, or through a telescope.

The moon looked particularly eerie - like a slightly red ping pong ball hovering in the sky, and it was amazing to see how the rest of the stars shone like they never get to do on a normal full moon!

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you. We walked all the way up to the local reservoir to see the end of totality, at which point a great raft of cloud gently positioned itself in the way!

Needless to say, the sky cleared completely once the eclipse was over.

Still, we saw quite a lot of the eclipse anyway, and it was a grand sight.