17 November 2008

New Forest Donkeys waiting for bus

Just got back from a brief trip to the New Forest which despite being grey and rainy was still spectacular. I can certainly recommend the New Park Manor Hotel and Spa which - on a Sunday night deal - is great value. But my favourite moment is captured here (trying a new camera incidentally as well) while cycling round the area.

I'll definitely be heading back for a spring visit with hopefully better light.

Funny thing is nobody had told the donkeys that the bus doesn't run on Sundays!


Wendy said...

Ha Ha! That's not an uncommon site here in the New Forest. In fact I am regularly stopped in the road by wild pigs, cows and ponies wandering freely! i guess that's what makes the place so special! hope you had fun here. Was that photo taken at East Boldre?

Ian Hobson said...

Yes I think it was east boldre. Thanks for your comment
I really enjoyed our stay and cycling and will be back!