29 September 2005

Mac vs Windows by Winn Schwartau

This has been a great series to follow - a renowned security expert gets "mad as hell" and switches his whole company to Macs. He blogs about the experience over 16 episodes (all of which can be found at the site). This is the finale posting in which he also provides 2 documents for download.

IMHO he has done a really thorough job of providing both a qualitative rationale AND a quantitative one (a pretty decent 3 year Total Cost of Ownership model) which can be found here and here.

It is no point looking at the spreadsheet without thoroughly reading the pdf explaining it (and the qualitative view). But the great thing about the spreadsheet is it gives anyone the ability to put in THEIR own numbers based on THEIR estimates of how much time they spend doing things, what they have to buy (hardware and software) and what the cost of THEIR time is.

I won't spoil the fun by revealing the difference, but let's say it's pretty compelling.

Winn has a unique style which you may or may not like. There are a few things he has not been happy with along the road to Damascus, but he's managed to see the forest through the trees very clearly. This has been really excellent work and anyone considering a new computer for Home or for small office/small enterprise should seriously read this.

If you've got issues with his analysis, I suggest you go to Winn's site (above) and add your comments there.

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