17 January 2006

Story of the Day...

I found the following story in today's Guardian hilarious...
Somewhere in Yorkshire, there lurks a proverbially nauseous parrot. Ziggy, an eight-year-old African Grey, had provided Chris Taylor with years of companionship until the fateful day when he opened his beak to mimic his owner's girlfriend and squawked out one word: Gary.

Ziggy's obsession with his latest impression grew and he began uttering "Hi Gary!" every time Suzy Collins' mobile phone rang. Chris's suspicions deepened after Ziggy started to make long kissing noises whenever he heard the name Gary on television or the radio.

Things between Chris and Suzy finally came to a head the night Ziggy decided to blurt out: "I love you, Gary" in her voice.

When Chris confronted Suzy about his pet'sobsession, she admitted to having had a four-month affair with Gary, a former colleague. (story continued at link)

I have a soft spot for Parrot stories. Last year I particularly enjoyed this one about Barney who has a strong anti-authority streak!

And, just in case you think all these birds can do is mimic, do read this article at the BBC showing just how amazing these birds really are.

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