27 January 2006

Three articles you should read

Not much time over the next few days, so posting will be a bit light.

But here are three articles you should read and perhaps delve into.

The first is on some new US proposals for faster processing of people through security checks in airports, providing they have signed up for it under the guise of the Registered Traveler Program. Covered here at ArsTechnica, this is just a BAD, BAD, BAD idea for so many reasons. I hope it doesn't happen here, but I'll be the first to write to my MP if it does.

The second is some coverage of the Google foray into China which has been heavily criticised - especially coming in the same week that they seek to gain positive publicity by shunning a US government request that is in fact far more innocuous. I am really disappointed in Google for this. But I think again Ars' coverage is right (which is why I've used that particular link). Surely the issue here is that ALL our companies should be held to such standards? Google would be seriously disadvantaged when compared to its Western peers. I don't think it excuses their behaviour entirely, but it is time for governments to stand up to this.

Finally, some more Ars coverage on a BBC project to have the music industry answer questions. It is very enlightening and, indeed worrying. I'd like to think it backs up many of the postings I've made here. As consumers we need to start making our voices heard.

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