07 January 2007

French Follies

I wrote back in April 2006 about the foolishness of Chirac trying to take on Google with a French (and German) competitor funded by the state, known as Quaero.

I read in a recent Ars Technica post that this project has already run into severe difficulties and that France and Germany have gone their separate ways on it.

I'd hardly take credit for an insightful post as I'm not sure any reasonable business person thought any differently than me. But, really, what was he thinking and why do the French let him get away with this?

(As an aside, my partner points out that in her subject area the whole world uses the term "DNA", except that is, the French, to whom it is "ADN". Can anyone tell me how such practices really help defend the French culture, increase it's influence abroad, and enhance it's competitiveness in the global economy?)

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