17 January 2007

MacWorld Prediction Recap!

Well, at a stretch, I claim 4 out of 10 predictions right! This is probably a lot better than most commentators since most expected a slew of Mac hardware and software announcements.

However, before I get carried away with my foresightfulness, I should point out that I only get 4 out of 10 by counting my prediction of a widescreen video iPod (which is also the iPhone and which therefore accounts for 2 out of 10!). Other than that I predicted the AppleTV would be announced in more detail, and that there would be more movie studios on board (Paramount).

Another reason my stats look better is that I didn't count iLife07 and iWork07 in the 10 predictions taking these to be a given! So, really, it's 4 out of 12. Not so good!

Anyhow, it was a wildly different Macworld, and one to remember. Sure, Steve disappointed the Mac faithful with the paucity of Mac announcements, but he took the unprecedented opportunity offered by a coinciding CES, the iPhone, AND Apple's 30th birthday to steal the headlines around the world. My guess is that Apple garnered more column inches and certainly more eyeballs than the whole of CES put together, and almost all of it favourable. In the end, that's good for the Mac, and good for the Mac faithful.

I'll be visiting both AppleTV and iPhone over the next few days to see how groundbreaking these products are, looking back at what my predictions for each (and what I got wrong), and, shock, horror, why I won't be buying an AppleTV yet. We'll also be taking a look at the financials to be announced later on today and what that means to Mac users. Stay tuned....

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