06 January 2009

iTunes DRM-free 40 minutes BEFORE MacWorld!

Just spotted that a whole load of albums - TingTings, Duffy, etc are now all DRM-free on the UK iTunes store.

So, it looks like this one rumour is TRUE! Finally. I don't think the labels had much choice ultimately - it would have been severely anti-competitive to prevent Apple from having this option, when competitors had been given it.

Anyhow, I'm off on a spending spree. Oh, and the Ting Tings is just £3.95 and Duffy £4.99 - not bad prices either!

You heard it here FIRST!

Update: Albums from the Cure, Morrissey, Echo and the Bunnymen - all of which I'm sure previously were with DRM, now are iTunes plus. Labels include Sony BMG and Warner.

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