07 March 2006


My friend Tim alerted me (in comments on an earlier blog entry) about Google's rumoured introduction of unlimited remote storage, possibly called GDrive (story in Ars Technica among others). As an aside, it might seem some of these Google "announcements" have been accidental which will not please Wall Street.

While PC users may relate to the GDrive analogy quite well, I assume for Mac users it will have a lot in common with the .Mac iDisk feature (a disk mounted using WebDav protocols). I love the concept of iDisk though I underuse it, partly because I find it a bit slow at times (upstream issues with adsl broadband primarily to blame).

It's an obvious new area for Google - many Gmail users have been using Gmail for a similar purpose (mailing attachments to themselves).

While GDrive will presumably be free to users, one can't help feeling that this is further pushing the limits of what people will feel comfortable about. Sure, I store files on iDisk for sharing and other things. But I don't store really sensitive stuff there. And, I'd feel even less inclined to do that if I knew Apple's bots were searching through the files finding out things about me. Of course, that hasn't stopped lots of people (including me) using Gmail.

Answers on a postcard (or comment) please about what might constitute a future service I've called "Gspot" which would surely put a bit of fun back in the Google brand.

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