23 June 2006

Why posting has been light!

I've been away for the best part of a week in the Algarve. Interestingly, I found the incidence of internet cafes to be less than in Kerala, India. What does that say (about India, about Portugal, about Brits living/holidaying in the Algarve, etc)?

As a consquence I shunned the internet for all of 6 days!

Our trip to the Algarve was our first using our Airnimal Rhino bikes folded into a suitcase (and just scraping by the 20kg Easyjet weight limit). So, I'll post about our experiences on that front.

Also, prior to going I made a late decision to get my first GPS device, and as a consequence didn't have the usual time to do my thorough research before selection. I'll post about my experiences with the Garmin GPSMAP76C which I found at what I considered to be the "no-brainer" price of £99 (previously retailing at upwards of £350!). Was I too hasty? How useful is it? Look out in coming weeks.

Don't forget to check out the article below on Interoperable DRM with a link to the excellent John Gruber.

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