23 November 2006

Stolen Powerbook QT2010P3M2N & Reward!

I mentioned a few weeks ago about my partner's stolen Powerbook model. I've now been able to retrieve the serial number.

We would be very grateful if someone locates and returns this model and will make it worth their while. It contains some important scientific data on it which unfortunately has not successfully been retrieved from backups.

The model is as follows:
Apple Powerbook Titanium G4 667Mhz DVI/higher res screen.

There is the standard 30GB hard disk, but with 512MB RAM and an airport card. I can provide the airport MAC id for this machine.

The serial number of the machine is QT2010P3M2N

There is also a higher capacity battery present by Newertech, giving excellent battery life. The power supply was also stolen and is a later model Powerbook charger (white end rather than silver).

The machine is in generally good and working condition. However, the casing is very worn above and around the CD insertion, and there is a noticeable scratch on the right side by the airport. The screen is fine but with markings from the keyboard as per normal with such models.

User accounts are password protected and login is required. A smart thief will just have re-installed the OS. It was probably running 10.4.8 but might have been on 10.4.6 or 7.

If you do spot this machine on eBay or somewhere else - perhaps being sold by someone who clearly doesn't know a Powerbook from a Dell Crapitude, please contact me via this site.

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tomj said...

Hi Ian:

Sorry that Sue's laptop loss has been such a problem. My daughter Dana had her laptop stolen from school as well. Besides getting her a cable lock for her new replacement MacBook, the Apple store suggested a software service called LoJack:
http://www.lojackforlaptops.com/. It costs US$ 99.95 for 3 years.

The software installs a "homing beacon" onto your computer, similar in concept to the kind they put in cars. When the thief connects to the internet, the service finds the new ip address, and dispatches the police. This won't help Sue (or Dana) with their current problem, but may help if it happens again.