22 August 2005

BT - don't ya just luv 'em

I had thought BT was getting better at handling customers, but then 2 episodes have convinced me it's all on the surface, and underneath it's rotten.

Early this year, I cancelled one of my lines which wasn't getting used. I was promised that the number itself could be made to ring on my other line for £1/month. The person doing this was very professional, but wrong. I couldn't have this number, I had to have a randomly issued one. This was later communicated to me after the line had been cancelled. All apologetic, we resolved this with BT providing me with a "this number has changed" message for 3 months free. Not great, but it would do. I received a "final bill" for this line which, as settled by DD, was of course paid. Not a great experience, but I accepted the error that was made.

Then 3 months later, I receive a stream of invoices for the same line, but under a different account number. All invoices said "Final bill". 2 were for £30 (one was an amended one), and one was for £6 with some credits showing. I also received a suggestion to perhaps pay by direct debit (I thought I did!). I didn't do anything, but then I got a final reminder. So, I called BT....

20 minutes on hold - "we're very busy" then a disconnect.
18 minutes on hold - then India and a very bad line. No issue with the guy on the line who did have access to the information (but still required me to give him the number I'd already entered) - told me the £30 was for the message but didn't know why I'd received 3 bills or 4 different bills all saying "Final bill". Said he'd have to transfer me... another 10 minutes on hold, then Irene (UK) answers and asks for my phone number...and then... click... disconnect.

Well, I've got better things to do. So when BT comes looking for their £30, I'll refer them to here. By the time they do, I'll have forgotten this waste of an hour, but this way it's here for me to point them to when they eventually get round to calling me.

Footnote: This reminds me of a site I was considering setting up sometime back called something like www.crapservice.com (inspired by f*****company.com), which was to highlight really poor customer service. I decided not to do this because of the libel implications of people posting false claims. But really someone has to bring these companies to account for what they do, don't they?

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