10 August 2005

Nokia 6680 and Opera Mobile Browser

Just discovered the Opera browser for Nokia/Symbian Series 60 phones. (note this is the browser, not the Opera mini service which may also be interesting once released in the UK). Even better news is that it's apparently free for the Nokia 6680. In fact, I think it should be preloaded. So presumably another Orange "customisation" to take it off!

I had been a bit frustrated when trying the standard browser, though to be fair, I hadn't spent a lot of time on it.

But with this, it seems to do a good job of taking normal pages (eg bbc news, this blog) and displaying them in a way that is familiar and makes sense. Plus, I was able to figure out bookmarks, navigation, images etc much faster. Performance on a 3G network also seems good.

I had come to the (obviously premature) conclusion that browsing on the phone was a waste of time. But, this makes it MUCH, MUCH more usable.

It's also available for many other devices at just $19.95 I think for a limited time.

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