13 April 2006

Anandtech reviews MacBook Pro

I have noted before about how well Anandtech does reviews. Anand himself does a really thorough job of looking at the MacBook Pro - as both a replacement for his G4 Powerbook and as a Windows laptop.

He starts the article with this quote:

When I first started using a PowerBook G4 over a year ago it quickly turned into the best experience I'd ever had with a notebook.

That's some comment coming from a site known for it's coverage of the non-Mac world. Indeed, Anand's conversion is as significant in many ways as that of Security Awareness blogger Winn Schwartau. Anand seems to have stuck with using a Mac since being converted more than 18 months ago and it is interesting how he has adapted to and, indeed, ended up preferring many of the Mac ways of doing things.

The review is a long one, but well worth reading.

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