24 April 2006

New Apple product(s) today?

I don't usually post such time sensitive stuff, but as I haven't seen it anywhere else, I'll go for the scoop!

As of this moment (12.30pm) the Apple stores are being updated which usually means some new Apple products. It's unusual to be a Monday, but it does time with the NAB show which is taking place this week and which Apple has used before to launch products.

Rumours have suggested a 17" MacBook Pro, which sounds a likely introduction for a pro-event like NAB. Perhaps it might be more.

We shall know soon enough I guess!

(Update: Well my scoop didn't make it to the wire, as Blogger.com has been down for 24 hours or so! The announcement was indeed the 17" MacBook Pro, and at a pretty good price/spec too)

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