21 August 2006

Dell and the Exploding Laptop

I'm not going to poke fun at Dell (well, not yet) on the battery issue they've had to fess up to. But I am going to take aim at the UK media again. I reported in this post about the U.K. media's fetish with saying bad things about Apple.

I said this "The exploding laptop seems to dwarf any technical issue that has allegedly plagued Macs/iPods, yet has been little-reported in the mainstream UK press to my knowledge".

Charles, representing the journalistic community (and I honestly believe Charles is a GOOD journalist), had this to say in a comment on that post:

"The Dell laptop is a one-off. It's a "gee, lookatthat" story. No legs."

But it wasn't a one-off. It DID have legs. The blogosphere found it (it had found it when I originally posted). It ends up being a huge story impacting over 4 million users. Many of those are unable to use their laptop as, er, a laptop, till they get a replacement battery in a few months time.

And Charles' own staff eventually reported on it in the business section (temporary promotion? Or is that demotion in the Guardian?) Note: To be fair, Bobby is a good journalist and writer too.

But, where were the British tech media when it happened? Concentrating on pulping a fruit, I think!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, turns out that the exploding battery wasn't a one-off. My error. Sometimes it's hard to predict the future.

Yes, Dell is recalling 4.1m batteries.

And now Apple.. 1.8m batteries. Both sourced from Sony.

As to whether it's "demotion" to appear in other parts of the paper - no, any time you get your name on a piece that you're proud of, or at least know doesn't contain any howlers, you're happy.