21 August 2006

MacOS X, Security and Journalism

I've been following the story of the Black Hat Security Conference MacBook Wi-Fi hack. It is now turning out that the story was pretty much a massive fabrication, and that the Washington Post's reporter has been rather silly about this. But at least for a change, it's not a UK newspaper reporting badly on an Apple theme!

John Gruber is such a great writer on all things Mac, that I will lead you to his blog as the definitive post on the subject. I think even my posts are shorter than his! But John's demolition job is thorough and admirable. Unfortunately, of course, some of the damage is done.

So, just as an aside, I'll throw in this lovely piece from Guy Kewney at The Register about his frustration with Windows - a story far more deserving of attention than the wi-fi hack ever was, even if somewhat tangential.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah, excellent. Guy Kewney is one of my favourite writers from way back. I used to read him in Personal Computer World when I was a kid. So good to see that.

Though the question has to be asked, why is he using a PC at all?

And Gruber rocks. We could do with a political Gruber... taking the idiotic things people say and breaking them down...