12 October 2006

Imaginative Terrorism

While terrorism is not of course to be laughed at, I had to confess to a snicker or two as I read this story at the BBC today.

The defendant also plotted to blow up three limousines "packed" with gas cylinders and explosives in underground car parks in the UK, the court heard.

The story goes on to say how the plot was known as "the Gas Limos Project". Thus distinguishing it from the parallel "dirty bomb project". I haven't been to terrorism school myself, but I might take a guess that one of the first lessons learned should be about how to conceal your activities, and that perhaps a little more invention is required for naming projects than this?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if that guy should actually be on trial? Would it not be more appropriate for him to be be receiving treatment under the Mental Health Act? Is there any evidence that any of his little plots were anything more than sick fantasies?

I thought the report on the 10 o'clock news was pretty shocking too. Referring to the World Bank as an institution that "helps poor countries" (as if that was the whole story) really took the biscuit!