20 September 2005

Apple Expo

I've deleted the post I put here this morning, as it was so far off the mark as to be a waste of time reading it.

(In summary, I forecasted minorish updates to Powerbook and PowerMac, which just didn't happen. I semi-successfully forecasted updates to .mac, expecting to see something around blogging. While .mac was updated, the emphasis was on a group service as well as more storage. The group service actually looks good, and I could use it as an alternative for the increasingly dreadful yahoogroups which has not evolved positively in several years. I'm pleased they've done something there, but I would have thought blog support would have been a really useful move on Apple's part, perhaps with encouragement for podcasting too).

Now, I'm left puzzled about the complete lack of new hardware at the show (the apple store was updated this morning, but nothing new seems to have arrived). Yes, we knew the keynote was cancelled - I think the nano announcement was brought forward to avoid Apple getting panned by the Motorola ROKR announcement. But surely some of the products are really looking stale now?

Nevertheless, SJ reported Mac market share as over 4.5% in the US and 3% globally, so it maybe that they are selling as many computers as they want. As long as that is the case, then let the pent-up demand for MacTel build perhaps? Nevertheless, I feel the power users (powerbook, powermac) are getting a bit twitchy.

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