21 September 2005

Le Nano est arrivée

...in my greasy palms that is. (Headline in French because it sounded better and in honour of MacWorld Paris Expo!)

Less than a week after ordering it, I received a 4GB Black iPod nano today, which I had tracked since leaving Shenzen on Friday! The black nanos (esp 4GB) are much in demand, and I'm pleased I didn't wait longer till ordering. Free laser engraving means it has to come from China anyway I think, so 5 business days is not bad at all.

Anyhow, you've all seen pictures by now, but if you've not seen enough here are mine - boxed, next to phone, and thin vs phone. But really until you have one in your hand you just can't appreciate its petiteness. When I opened the box, I at first thought I was looking at a photo of it, before realising it was the real thing. It knocks on the head the idea of convergence because it's just so inobtrusive, you may as well choose your phone as a phone and carry one of these around too. It synced very quickly to my mac mini. But I haven't dared take the plastic film off yet!

For the active user, this is the best iPod yet. Next step is a car kit and I will start to listen to podcasts properly.

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