21 September 2005

New emc2 website launched

I am pleased to announce an update to the emc2 company website.

It's nothing special - a simplification of the style and navigation, while also making it a bit more succinct around what we actually do! I've also provided a direct link to this blog.

Please report any bugs to me either here or using the contact info. It's been tested on Safari, Firefox and IE 5.2 but all on a Mac. But just to do that involved a lot of faffing around! There's a javascript hack to handle png files in some browsers. It's also the first time I've used CSS in any form. I'm starting to see what that can do, but as I haven't learned the lingo yet, I've only toyed with a couple of things.

If anyone is a code monkey, they will be horrified. That's in part because I created some of the html directly from using the Pages part of iWork having created a rough layout. If it worked, I didn't change it.

I'm also pleased (and so may you) that I'm going to redefine this blog so that no post is more than 250 words long. That will be a real challenge to me! If there is a longer post to write (eg a review) I'll link to that.

Update: I tested the site with my Nokia phone and Opera browser and it worked fine, with and without logos. If anyone with IE complains, I'm afraid I'm just going to have to ignore you!

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