11 October 2005

The Finale???

So, Steve is nearing the end of his spiel when he invites Madonna onto the stage. She introduces the new pink special edition iPod video (wow, that's a mouthful), and pops it into the just-announced "asteroid"/iDock and hits PLAY. It's the new video for the first single off her new album, playing in full screen (though perhaps not of HD quality!).

Available TODAY for $2.99 or €2.99 or £1.99 on the iTMS in ALL countries and playable in the new iTunes 5.1 available TODAY for PC and Mac. Plus, there are 1,000 more music videos available right now, with many more to come, and lots of new video podcasts for you to access. Download and watch on your iPod video which you can order TODAY for delivery starting in 2 weeks. View on your regular TV with iDock which you can also order today from the AppleStore for delivery before Christmas. Connect any PC or Mac with 802.11g or ethernet, or plug in any iPod with dock connector (audio/photos only) or iPod video....

Thanks everyone. See you at MacWorld 2006."

Or perhaps it will be just a 80GB iPod?"

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