25 October 2005

This was fun...

This was fun...
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Had to share this with you.
It's a Formula Ford car. I was braking from close to 100mph at this point failing to get it into 2nd gear for a chicane.
First time in anything remotely like this.
I'm sure you're not interested in my racing exploits (unless there was blood and gore which this time thankfully there was not). But, from a geeks perspective, I was fascinated to see how much the internet has changed so many hobbies in ways in which you wouldn't imagine.
The track was booked via bookatrack.com for instance. Such a service almost certainly boosts attendance at these tracks and allows even the small ones to eke out a living. In browsing around, I was also amazed how many different enthusiast sites there were for this type of racing.
And on another geeky note, if you look carefully above/behind the driver's head is a lens attached to a video camcorder which gave great footage as I traversed the track - something I'd assumed only F1 could do. An early candidate for something to go on the iPod video I'm considering?!)
I'd like to thank my friends Iain & Julie for indulging me.

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