14 October 2005

Sony PSP vs iPod

I have already seen some comments trashing the new iPod in numerous ways and suggesting it should have inherited many of the (video) features of the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). Now most of these comments are coming from people who probably haven't actually used the new iPod, but looked at the specs. And I suspect some haven't used the PSP either.

I came across this article from an online magazine specialising in the PSP, comparing the two. The author HAS experience of both and makes some excellent points. While suggesting that it might be unfair as the PSP is a gaming machine (but then isn't the iPod a music player, first?), it's a pretty damning article about the PSP (for non-gaming features) and Sony's approach to video overall. The author doesn't even award points to the iPod for it's portability (it's significantly smaller than the PSP of course) - he/she concentrates purely on features, costs, and the overall quality of the experience. The final sentence sums it up:

"...if Sony doesn’t pull together and start taking advantage of the PSP’s multimedia capabilities, they are going to lose sales of PSPs to the video iPod. It’s just that simple."

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