23 November 2005

E=mc2 100 years old

Thanks to the BBC for pointing this out.

"No equation is anywhere near as recognisable as E=mc²"

I actually find it quite amazing it's a 100 years old, and in a way, it is questionable whether we've really (as the human race) built upon this in substantial ways. Obviously there have been the civilian and military nuclear developments either good/bad or bad/bad depending upon your point of view (well perhaps there are SOME who believe it's good/good!). But perhaps most disappointing IMHO is that I somehow imagined this as a foundation for space travel/exploration, and on that front we seem to have stalled (of course, some might say, the equation actually explicitly highlights the limits of what we can do rather than the potential of what we might do).

For those wondering why I post on this - well I am interested in this, and I named my company after it (despite a little skirmish with the bastard lawyers from a large enterprise storage company, who themselves were by no means the first).

Anyway, Cheers Albert.

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