17 November 2005

Why do you do these things, Apple?

I had been thinking about connecting my iPod to the tv set, but understood I needed a special cable. Being the mean bastard that I am, I didn't get one right away. Then I read about a tip that shows you can use almost any 3.5m to 3xRCA video cable - eg ones that come with many video camcorders. I had an old one, plugged it in to my tv via a scart converted (which also had a 2-way switch for some weird video setting), and it worked first time. The trick? You have to use the RED-ended cable into the video in on the TV, not the yellow-ended cable that is considered the standard for video. I'm assuming the yellow-ended cable is used for the right audio channel that the red-ended cable is usually used for (but haven't tried the audio out bit yet)!

This seems a bizarre design choice first of all (why not use the standard), and it also seems bizarre that they didn't advertise this fact if they did have a reason to design it that way. Do they really need revenue from the cables that badly? Some people have been put off by the need to buy an additional cable, yet possibly already have one in their kit!

Sorry I don't now have the original source for the tip, but there are plenty of them out there on places like apple discussion boards now.

It's these little things that get us all mad with Apple once in a while, but it's only a lovers' tiff!

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