11 November 2005

Let the Rumours Begin...

News from Portal Player - supplier of much of the brains for most iPod models.

Basically they have postponed a new offering of shares as the price is not high enough for where they believe it should be. Tantalisingly they give among the reasons for their optimism "...we expect an additional major market segment for our products to be introduced in the first quarter of 2006"

Now, I don't know who they could be talking about, but there's not many players that can fall into the category of creating an immediate and substantial market. Perhaps a large cable company in the US? Microsoft has it's hands full with the XBox and other things. Otherwise, there's only one that I can think of for which such a suggestion could not be considered outrageous.

This will mark the serious kick off for the rumour sites about MacWorld in San Francisco, January 2006, for the "just one more thing..." section.

Just to get things going, my wild guess is that this will be part of the AirportExpress2 - video version with H.264 decoding built-in.

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