08 December 2005

Apple DVR - not!

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the rumoured Apple DVR.

Yesterday provided another data point on why this will NOT happen - at least not as a complete Apple-branded product.

Variety carries some comments from NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker, focussing on their new deal with Apple for TV content. I particularly liked this gem commenting on moves by Tivo and Echostar:

"This is clearly not the proper way to behave," Zucker said. "We have worked in concert with Apple to benefit the consumer; where others are not working with content providers is clearly not in the best interest of the consumer"

So, Apple's head is clearly focused in one direction, and they will not do anything to undermine that at this stage while maximising participation of the content providers. Of course, you can get your programs free too - just use Elgato EyeTV or other devices from companies like Miglia.

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