07 December 2005

The first "iPod video-killer" headline

It's taken longer than I thought, but this is the first one I've seen (over at the Register).

Not surprisingly it's the folks at Creative that are behind this - the Creative Vision:M in 30GB capacity with a 2.5" LCD at 320x240, just like the smaller iPod-thats-not-called-video-but-happens-to-do-it model.

So, let's take a quick look at the rest of the specs (courtesy of the Register again).

Ah, it's a mere 122mm3 in volume. Just 75% bigger than the equivalent iPod and only 38% bigger than the 60GB iPod. Edit: I've seen sites already mention it as the same size but 2x thicker as if somehow 3D doesn't count!

It's 22% heavier, and still 5% heavier than the larger iPod.

It MAY have an FM tuner which MAY work in your country (or not).

It has a new dock-type connector (but not too many accessories available today, and hard to see how this could overturn the burgeoning 3rd party iPod market).

It plays more types of video than the iPod but H.264 which is the accepted format going forward is not mentioned. Only H.264 can give excellent video capacity.

It may have better battery life than the similar capacity iPod (could we have independent verification of battery life please someone?), but not over the larger capacity iPod (even though the Creative is physically bigger than that). Edit: In fact, I've read that it has 11 hours audio playback - less than the small iPod. So something gives. Possibly the video playback figure is only with simple low-compression files? That's why we need consumer standards here.

It may be available in mid-December in a few countries, just 2 months after the iPod.

It will be priced in Japan at the equivalent of US$329 a mere 10% more expensive than the iPod.

As far as I know, there is no direct downloadable content available for it either as music videos, short movies or tv programming. But someone somewhere will do it won't they?

So, what exactly is "killer" about this one? Well, in addition to black and white, it will be available in Green. Way-to-go, Creative! Those designers of yours have really excelled themselves this time round.

(And, just when are the media going to give up on this "killer" label just to get something noticed? Perhaps they should put something in a pot for charity everytime they use it, and just get their money back the very very rare occasion it comes true.)

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GarethB said...

I'm speechless.

I actually find it hard to see how anyone can copy something so badly.

Creative are possibly the most inappropriately named company in history.