02 December 2005

Opening up Comments

Those of you who've visited here may have been put off making comments because it required registering. A new setting (at least I think it's new) allows me to moderate posts. So, I have turned this ON, and turned OFF the need to register.

I have also turned on a feature that requires the commenter to input characters they see - called "word verification". While this may be superfluous given the moderation feature, it reduces the chance I'll have lots of spam comments. Let me know if this is too onerous.

I promise to moderate only spam or offensive comments. So if you've got something to add/correct/disagree with then now you've no excuse! We'll see if we can get some informed debate going.

I've now been doing this blog for about 4.5 months. I'd really appreciate some honest feedback on the blog as a whole? I know my writing isn't especially good and certainly not succinct (I'm trying to improve), but do you find the subjects interesting? Has anything helped you look differently at a subject? What would you like to see here? Do drop me an email directly, or comment here if you wish.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Ian

Yes, there *are* some lurkers out here (well one at least).

Nice to see a, generally, pragmatic Mac POV.

Say something contentious and then see who's here ;)