11 January 2006

One Little but Important Observation

In the next few days, I'll wrap up my coverage on what we've just heard at MacWorld - looking at the predictions I made, and more importantly covering what it all means. But in the meantime, I haven't seen this commented on yet, but I have made the following observations:

1. I do not see Intel stickers/logos on any of the pictures of the new machines. This fear had been articulated by many of the mac fans who did not want such stickers on their Macs. Can you guys shut up yet? Or do you want to wait until they actually come out?

2. Apple is using the Intel branding eg Core Duo, but it is strangely NOT using the new Intel logos (neither company or chip logo). Here's a comparison from the Intel site for the Core duo and the Apple site for the iMac using the same chip.

Whether all this means that Apple has declined the usual Intel marketing money for logo placement etc is not clear yet. And whether it will cause upset among other Intel customers who religiously attach such logos, use the jingles etc, is also unclear. I suspect we might hear more speculation in coming months. But for now, at least, I think this is one "worst fear" that we can put to bed.

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