05 January 2006

Top 10 MacWorld 2006 announcements

I was going to wait to publish this, but if I wait any longer it'll look like I just tracked Apple's website for accidental slipups! So here are my predictions now in order of likelihood and for all to see:

1. More iTunes video content announcements (more tv and maybe full length movies)
2. New 1GB iPod
3. Intel-based iBook
4. Intel-based Mac mini
5. iLife 06 (oh, I think I've been trumped on this one!)
6. Wireless video distribution device (AirportExpress2?)
7. iWork 06 (plus new spreadsheet package?)
8. Mid-range Intel-based dual core laptop
9. iPod accessory - audio or video recorder; wireless add-on?
10. Just one more thing....

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