09 January 2006


I've seen a few rumours recently that Walmart will buy Amazon, and I can see the logic in that. I just hope the people at Walmart know how many Amazon customers will switch as soon as they do. (Not because I like Walmart of course, but because I'd still like to remain a customer of Amazon).

But I had a hearty chuckle at last week's story of Walmart slipping on a banana skin. It hasn't been picked up by too many other commentators - perhaps it's a bit hard to be politically correct about it? Was it a stupid error? A coincidence? Or, a conspiracy?

Of course, this comes from the same company who shipped meat in place of an iPod.

I'd like to think there's a motto here, to lean on the Planet of the Apes flavour a bit more. That when you treat people (your own employees even) like monkeys then they behave like monkeys back whenever they can!

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