28 February 2006

Apple's Intel relationship unique?

Little noticed at this time is that the Core Solo chip used in the new Mac mini is not listed on Intel's website. The only core solo chip currently listed is the T1300 which is a 1.67GHz part. I've not seen any mention ANYWHERE of the 1.5GHz Core Solo. This leads me to wonder whether Apple will have access to a sub-range of chips not marketed by Intel to the general population or even to other privileged customers?

The 1.67GHz Core Duo is however better known (assuming it is the T2300 part, not the expected low voltage version L2400). This was the chip originally promised in the low end MacBook Pro which was upgraded to 1.83Ghz before release, presumably leaving a backlog of the 1.67GHz chip.

I also expect to see some comparisons over the coming days about how much the Core Duo Mac mini has in common with the Intel Viiv platform for multi-media machines. With use of an Intel graphics chipset, I suspect it's pretty close!

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