13 February 2006


Just to prove to you that my interests aren't as narrow as you might think, or to re-affirm your view of me as a complete anorak, just a quick post on our first experience of an Origami bicycle ride on Saturday through the historic area around Market Bosworth (home of the infamous Battle of Bosworth, amongst other things).

We had our Airnimal Rhino bikes, and were surprised to see two other similar bikes on the ride. It was fun to be in the company of so many folding bikes - some really eclectic machines indeed, and we got a fair number of strange looks and inquiries as we pedalled along the lanes. Our own bikes were a bit overkill for the ride which was just around the 25mile mark, and we struggled to keep warm with the temperatures not much above freezing. But the interesting company, good real ale and historic sites made for a fun day out. We hope to join another few this year. Those in the greater Midlands area of the U.K, with an interest in folding bikes are highly recommended to join the fun. Information on the rides is now carried over on the new Folding Society blog

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