15 May 2006

More on Chirac...

I've written a few articles over the last few months about how France seems to be struggling to come to terms with the new world, including this one about the youth (un)employment law which caused such a frenzy. I blame much of France's difficulties on poor leadership from President Chirac.

I know a lot of French people are not happy with the situation either. Loic Le Meur who is a leading light in the European Blog movement (and EVP at SixApart) has written on a few occasions about this on his blog.

So, it is nice to see that a new film about Chirac is getting lots of laughs - "Being Jacques Chirac". It is a documentary using real footage of Chirac done by the people who did the March of the Penguins film. The Liberation newspaper considers it part of a trend "Chiracophobia: the new national sport".

I think this will be one to go and see when it arrives in London.

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