16 May 2006

Sony VGN-A11S

I have always found it inexplicable how Sony names and numbers it's products. Their response to the iPod has been such memorable devices as the NWA1000B, NW-E407, NWA3000B to name just three taken from Amazon (so, is the hyphen required or not, please?). Now, I would probably guess that the NW means Network Walkman, but does anyone really relate to these products the way we related to Walkman, Trinitron and others back when Sony was successful?

But today, I had to burst out with laughter when I saw the model name for the new 17" laptop with Blu-ray drive. A simple anagram of VGN-A11S immediately sprang to mind which, while not perfect, seemed rather obvious whichever way I looked at it (even just the VGN bit). Perhaps this is a reference to what content will be most frequently viewed with that Blu-ray drive? Or, perhaps I should seek help?


Anonymous said...

... but its always been that way with Sony do you remember the radio ads for Sony of the late 70's by John Cleese that even took the mick out of the product naming

Ian Hobson said...

Unfortunately, I can't claim to being too young to remember them, but neither can I actually recall them!

It's just this particular code seemed to have failed the code checkers!