11 May 2006

Rob Glaser and UnReal Networks

I was so astonished to read of Rob Glaser's statements in a Guardian interview today (widely reported elsewhere) that I broke my self-imposed exile of visiting the Technology Section to see what all the fuss was about (If Charles is still reading, I'm sure he'll be pleased). Actually, Kate Bulkley's interview is a good one and she asks all the right questions. Mr Glaser's answers came up short I'm afraid, very short. The question/answer which illicited the "iPod users are all thieves" headlines does not need to be repeated here. What I was taken with however was just how far off the mark Mr Glaser is with his views and the strategy for his company. He must be glad of the close to $1bn settlement he got from Microsoft as otherwise, he'd be struggling to support that diet of his.

What you won't see in the Guardian interview I've linked to is the nice photograph of Mr Glaser posed Jabba-the-Hut style next to a Dell PC with perhaps the least inspiring screen display I've ever seen. So, I've taken the liberty of abusing my Guardian Digital subscription to bring you this photograph because if Mr Glaser can accuse me of being a thief, I'd like to show him for the fat-schmuck-lost-it-businessman that he is.


Anonymous said...

So, how is the self-imposed exile going? Better-educated for reading Digg and MyAppleMenu?

Anonymous said...

Tell us what you really think Ian!!


Ian Hobson said...


Thanks for stopping by even if it was a few months late! Really, I couldn't believe this guy was accusing iPod owners of being theives. All the iPod owners I know buy huge amounts of music, and that is such a ridiculous statement really.

But I honestly think that no self-respecting IT person would let themselves be photographed in front of such a truly awful screen. Even if I sold the most dull accounting application, surely a display could look more interesting than that? What on earth could they all have been thinking as he posed?

I honestly believe the guy has truly lost it (especially now he has a big fat check from his old employers).