28 July 2006

Anniversary - Quick Post Reminder!

For all those who couldn't bare to read through the two previous posts soliciting feedback, here's another plea!

Actually I've had some feedback and from unexpected sources too, so thanks everyone! But I'd like more. If you are reading this blog, please just let me know in whatever way you can without embarassing yourselves!

Anyway, I haven't gone away (yet). I've just been remarkably busy and I'll be explaining a bit more about that in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, here's what to expect coming up:

1. Review of Linton 2006 Music and Ale Festival (wozzat?). You'll have to wait for that one (until I get the stereo mix of the videos I took in fact!). But if you're interested in the man who has more strings on his guitar than teeth (and his guitar is a 54 Stratocaster!), do come back. Hint: I'd accept the same number of teeth if I could play the guitar like him!

2. A brief mention of Zune, and what it may mean for the world of iPod.

3. Review of an interesting exhibition at the Barbican Gallery in London on futuristic architecture from the 50's through the present day.

4. Review of my new Nokia N80 phone - the first Nokia wi-fi phone (to my knowledge). How has 3G evolved in the last year, and in general the feature set of the higher end phone? All courtesy of a crazy business model for the mobile industry that makes keeping your 1 year old phone a daft proposition (well, the screen was almost unreadable due to scratching). I didn't really want to replace my old phone, as this would surely be increasing autism rates worldwide, but then I figured "better my 1 year old phone than the real villain - the iPod", remembering to thank the Express on Sunday for educating me about this truth :-)

Stay tuned! And, in the meantime, send me your comments on where you'd like the blog to go!

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