14 July 2006

Stunning new Intel Conroe Chips

I've mentioned in several posts over the last year about Intel's re-emergence as a leader after AMD's performance domination in recent years.

Last month Intel introduced the Woodcrest (new Xeon) chips to great acclaim for the server market, and now is the turn for "Conroe" - the desktop variation of the Core 2 platform.

This in-depth review from Anandtech is excellent reading in understanding how far this chip is ahead of Intel's previous Pentium D offerings, and shows how it beats every AMD desktop chip today in every benchmark.

Expect a Conroe to find its way into an Apple computer coming your way very soon. And chalk another one up to Apple's widely-derided decision to choose Intel (rather than AMD) a year ago.

Personally, I'm waiting for the mobile version - Merom - to be released and even then may wait until early next year for the arrival of the next generation mobile platform codenamed Santa Rosa which will support flash memory and next generation wireless. Of course, if I hadn't been a fool and bought the last generation Powerbook G4 thinking it'd be a while before professional Intel Powerbook's, I'd be writing this on a MacBook Pro today!

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