17 July 2006

Good news from the EU!

Better late than never (though in the case of Microsoft's fines, I'm not so sure), the EU Court of First Instance has thrown out the merger of Sony's record label with BMG which reduced the number of major record labels down to 4 (and with Warner and EMI expected to tie the knot, that number would have gone to 3).

I never understood how this could have been allowed in the first place - this is an industry that needs LESS concentration not more as it has been shown to act as a cartel and oligopoly (and through it's various trade bodies around the world such as the RIAA and BPI) taking an anti-consumer stance and holding back rightful enjoyment of legally-owned copyright.

Well done EU!

Note: Thanks to Ars Technica for the link - it was something I meant to post on last week!

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